Roller Lids

Shark Roll-E (Roller Lid)
Shark Roll-E (Roller Lid)
Shark Roll-E (Roller Lid)
Shark Roll-E (Roller Lid)
Shark Roll-E (Roller Lid)
Shark Roll-E (Roller Lid)
Shark Roll-E (Roller Lid)

Shark Roll-E (Roller Lid)

Regular price ₱60,000.00
Shark Roll-E Motorized Roller Lid 🦾 (Manual version also available)
FREE Crossbars OR Power Tailgate Lock (Power tailgate lock available for all except Triton/Strada)
Motorized ₱60,000
Manual ₱35,000
*FREE Installation 
🌟 Features
- IPX6 Water Resistance
- Interlocking Aluminum Segments to provide maximum security for your cargo inside the bed.
- Remote Control operated, opens and closes in 10 seconds can be stopped at any time.
- Anti-pinch feature prevents injury and damage to cargo
- Reliable motor, with expected lifetime of 5+ years or 60,000 close and open cycles.
- Waterproof control box.
- In emergency cases of power disruption, it can be converted to manual mode.
- No-Spring design adds to its durability and greatly minimizes failure rate.
- Stainless steel screws ensures that the cover and panels will remain intact for years to come.
- EPDM Rubber is used to seal gaps, this material is very durable and of higher quality compared to PVC which other manufacturers use.
- With App Control, allows you to control the Power Roller Lid using your smartphone.
- Adjustable retraction speed via the app.
- Easy and no-holes-bored installation to preserve your vehicle's warranty.
- Includes an adjustable LED light so you can see inside your bed when it is dark.
- Has railings on the sides with grooves to conveniently mount crossbars or racks.
- High-quality powder coating for a premium and durable finish.