Shark Car Air Purifier

Shark Car Air Purifier

Regular price ₱2,800.00
Shark Car Air Purifier! 💨🦠❌
Price: P2,800

* HEPA Filter: three-layer filtration
* Negative ION generator: 6X106pcs / cm³
(primary filtration, activated carbon, photocatalyst)
* Medical grade UV light
* Aroma cotton stick
* Auto start feature when the vehicle starts, with Turbo Blower;
* Equipped with Super anti-slip pad

Technical Specifications:
* Voltage: DC12V
* Power: 6W
* Applicable area:≦10㎡
* Material:High-strength ABS
* Noise:≤50dB
* Wind speed stage: Two
* UV lamp type: 254nm UVC

FREE Extra 1 HEPA Filter
3 Months Warranty
FREE 1 pc Shark Car Scent

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